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Extruders, Complete Film Lines, Blown Film Coextrusion Lines
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Cast Film Lines, Die Heads, Take Off / Rewinders, Converting Machines
Stack Type Printing, Central Impression Printing Machines, Ancillary Equipment
Coaters / Laminators, Slitter / Rewinders Tape Lines / Extrusion Coating / Weaving, Reclaim Lines

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New Cast lines from Single layer up to 5 layers. Manual machines up to the fully automatic machines at very high outputs  all types of materials, from Stretch films, CPP, PVC ; PET Rainbow films. Made to European design and outputs but at at there prices.

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19.17.851 COLINES (2006) 5 Layer Cast Film Line for barrier & CPP films, 1x100mm Extruder, 1x80mm Extruder, 1x60mm Extruder, 2x50mm Extruder all with screen changers, Distrubution block for melt pump feeding  from 100mm Extruder, CLOEREN 2100mm extrusion die with removable lower lip, Automatic adjustment with EDS system, Chill roll 2200mm wide, Edge guide, Fully automatic winder max 1700mm film width Reel dia max 800mm with Semi automatic  air shafts,Edge trim recovery system into 100mm extruder, Double sided treater, Thickness measuring system, Doteco Gravimetric systems with vacuum pumps and loaders Dehumidifing dryer,
In very good running condition         

                                                  TAKE OFF / REWINDER

01.12.201 CMG (1991) Fully Automatic back to back rewinder 2.7 meters wide with slittings station Air shafts Reel lowering to floor level


01.31.760 AKDEMIR (NEW) Heavy duty bag on roll machine We width 1700mm wide Max unwind dia 750mm Max rewind dia 600mm Double sealing head with pre-heaters for perfect sealing Perforation blade Film thickness 2x30 microns Minimum 2x500 microns maximum Min bag length 100mm Max 10 mts PLC touch screen control panel with digital counter Range of machines with widths from 950mm to 2550mm Very competitive prices

33.31.786 ARVOR 1182GGL (1989) 1100mm wide Bottom weld bag making machine with Standard unwind with reel bars and cones Photo Cell Indexing Table Servo fitted and is in very good  condition and come with 6 montrhs warranty

01.31.787 ARVOR 1482 GGL Servo driven Bottom weld bag making machine with Heavy duty unwind and shafts Automatic indexing table Can be seen running

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