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Extruders, Complete Film Lines, Blown Film Coextrusion Lines
Cast Film Lines, Die Heads, Take Off / Rewinders, Converting Machines
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Stack Type Printing, Central Impression Printing Machines, Ancillary Equipment
Coaters / Laminators, Slitter / Rewinders Tape Lines / Extrusion Coating / Weaving, Reclaim Lines

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14.21.301 W&H (1970) Model QMS 900 Stack Printing Press, 5 Colour Maximum width 1070mm Printing repeats 360-680mm, Maximum Mechanical speed 200 M/min, Gear Pitch 10mm Material thickness Paper 22-150 grs, Single rewind/unwind Maximum reel diameter 1000mm Air shafts 70,76 and 152mm, Edge guide, Video Camera, Inline slitting system, 5 anilox rollers, 23 Print cylinders Excellent condition can be seen in production      


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14.22.403 CARRARO Gemini (1985) 6 Colour CI Printing Press, Working width 1030mm Materials PE,PP, Polyester and Paper. Drying System Themo Oil, Printing speed 120 M/min, Printing repeats 385-740mm with Photo cell control system, Double Unwind/rewindwith Automatic reel changing, Maximum reel diameter 800mm, 18 off Ceramic anilox rollers 80-160 lines, Print cyclinders 6x385, 6x400, 6x420, 6x440, 6x455, 6x480, 6x500, 6x520, 6x525, 6x550, 6x560, 6x570, 6x655, 6x660, 6x680, 6x705, 6x740, Total 102 Cylinders  Available now but not in production   

                                                 ANCILLARY EQUIPMENT

01.12.201 PIB Injection system for production of stretch films With heated tank with temperature controlling system Flexible heated pipe work PIB Pumping system (in very good working order for one Extruder) 

01.12.200 FILM TESTING EQUIPMENT, We now can supply all types of Testing Equipment for the Flexible Packing industry.   Automatic Tensile Tester, Falling Dart Impact Tester, Elmendorf Tear Tester, Film Thickness Tester, Friction Tester, Heat Seal Tester, Hot Tack Tester, Shrink Tester, Adhesive Tester 

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