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Extruders, Complete Film Lines, Blown Film Coextrusion Lines
Cast Film Lines, Die Heads, Take Off / Rewinders, Converting Machines
Stack Type Printing, Central Impression Printing Machines, Ancilliary Equipment
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Coaters / Laminators, Tape Lines / Extrusion Coating / Weaving, Reclaim Lines

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01.41.200  STRETCH FILM REWINDER Fully Automatic with Unwind maximum film width 500mm wide with reel lifting system Automatic rewind with core loading and hot wire cutting (no glue used) cores sizes from 35mm up to 50mm Conveyer belt delivery onto stored table Max speed 1,000 m/min 


We are now able offer Recycling Machines with Conveyor Belt Feeding System, Shredder, Extruder with Vented Barrel Double Back Flushing screen changer Die face Cutter, Granual dryer plus Silo with Extruders from  65mm up to 150mm   with ouputs from 120 Kgs p/hr up to 900 kgs p/hr
If you are using very wet, Heavly Printed or Dirty Materials we would suggest our new 2 stage recycling machines. The system is the same as above but with two Extruders in Tandom to remove all the Gases and Dirt leaving very clean recycled granuals ready to be used 
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